Dimensional Weight

Shipping Costs: Why Pillows Can Be Pricier to Ship Than Laptops

Shipping prices aren’t determined solely by an item’s weight. Surprisingly, shipping 5 pillows, which are generally lighter than laptops, can actually cost more. In this blog post, we’ll explain dimensional weight and why larger items with low actual weight, like pillows and lamp shades, often come with higher shipping charges.

Actual Weight vs. Dimensional Weight:

When it comes to shipping, there are two weight metrics: actual weight and dimensional weight. Actual weight is simply the weight of the package when measured on a scale. Dimensional weight, however, takes the package’s size into account. When shipping items by air, couriers charge based on the higher of the two weights. This is because the package takes up space in the airplane’s cargo area.

Calculating Dimensional Weight:

The calculation of dimensional weight depends on the unit of measurement. In pounds (LBS), the formula is: Length x Width x Height (inches) divided by 139. For the metric system, the formula is: Length x Width x Height (cm) divided by 5,000.

Example #1: Shipping a Pillow

Let’s consider a pillow with the dimensions 40cm x 40cm x 20cm. Despite weighing only 1 KG, its dimensional weight is 6.4 KG. As a result, the shipping charges for this pillow would be based on its higher dimensional weight of 6.4 KG.

Example #2: Shipping a Cellular Phone

Now, let’s look at shipping a cellular phone with dimensions of 20cm x 20cm x 10cm. Although it weighs 1.8 KG, its dimensional weight is only 0.8 KG. Consequently, the shipping charges for this cellular phone would be based on its actual weight of 1.8 KG, as it exceeds the dimensional weight.

Understanding dimensional weight is essential for estimating shipping costs. Despite their light weight, pillows have a larger size, resulting in a higher dimensional weight and more expensive shipping charges compared to laptops, which have a comparatively lower dimensional weight. By considering both actual weight and dimensional weight, shippers can make informed decisions and avoid surprises when sending packages.

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