Comparing Top International Parcel Forwarding Services

With the ever-expanding reach of e-commerce, international shopping has never been more accessible. However, selecting the right parcel forwarding service can be daunting. Our comprehensive comparison guide is here to simplify your decision-making process.

Top International Parcel Forwarding Services

Forwarder Express

Service Area: Worldwide
Pricing: $5 per package + shipping
Unique Feature: Consolidation and repackaging services

Global Shipmates

Service Area: USA, UK, Canada, Australia
Pricing: Membership-based with free and premium tiers
Unique Feature: Personal shopper service


Service Area: Worldwide
Pricing: Varies based on package weight and destination
Unique Feature: Virtual mailbox for managing mail and packages

Key Factors to Consider

When evaluating parcel forwarding services, several factors warrant consideration:

  • Service Area: Ensure the service covers the countries you intend to ship to or receive from.
  • Pricing Structure: Evaluate if the pricing aligns with your usage frequency and budget.
  • Additional Fees: Be aware of any hidden fees, such as storage, handling, or customs-related charges.
  • Customer Reviews: Research customer feedback to gauge reliability and customer satisfaction.
  • Unique Features: Look for value-added services like consolidation, personal shopping, and virtual mailboxes.

Making an Informed Choice

Make your selection based on your specific needs. Frequent shoppers might prioritize competitive pricing, while business owners may value reliable and efficient service for their operations. Always check the service’s credibility and ensure it aligns with your cross-border shopping goals.

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